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Our food should be our medicine; our medicine should be our food Hippocrates (c.460-c.370 BC)

Welcome to The Total LIFE Diet and The Total LIFE Diet Centre.

My name is Shamala Ratnesar and I’m a dietitian, author and speaker based in Sydney, Australia. I love good food and I love life.

The great ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said ‘Our food should be our medicine; our medicine should be our food’– and as dietitians that’s what we do – we use food as medicine.

I’m also a food lover and believe that food is one of life’s great pleasures – so I’m now on a mission to show everyone that healthy food can be delicious – and that you can enjoy great food and great health at the same time!

In this tumultuous world that we live in, I believe that there is hope for a healthier, happier life for everyone. No matter what your situation – it does not matter. Today is a new day and there is hope.

So it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past. You can leave it all behind – make a fresh new start – and look forward to the future with hope.

HHealthy & Tasty Diet

OOmega-3 Magic!

PPositive Thinking & Positive Action


H for a Healthy, Tasty and Balanced Diet

So, what is a healthy, tasty and balanced diet? A healthy, balanced diet is not low-carbohydrate or high-carbohydrate, low-protein or excessively high in protein. It’s moderate in carbohydrate, has substantial quantities of protein, is low in saturated fat and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fibre and resistant starch and includes a wide variety of foods each day.

You can make healthy food taste delicious by using small amounts of good oil and lots of herbs, spices and low-fat flavourings.

O for Omega-3s

Omega-3s are super-nutrients that are required by every one of us – from unborn babies through to seniors. Omega-3s work in multiple ways – at many different levels – to protect us, heal us, help with weight loss, improve our quality of life and can actually help to make us happier!

P for Positive Thinking & Positive Action

We all want to feel happy, and positive thinking is an important part of feeling good. If we think positive – believe we can do it – and take action – we can do just about anything – and that includes losing weight and keeping it off, lowering your blood cholesterol levels or beating diabetes.

E for Exercise

Exercise or regular physical activity is a misunderstood word. You don’t have to join a gym. If you enjoy gyms – sure – they can work for you. However, exercise can be as simple as walking, dancing, playing tennis, soccer or cricket. A regular brisk walk is one of the best fat burners – or you can enrol in a dancing class or even dance to your favourite music in your bedroom!