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Shamala is passionate about creating new healthy recipes that taste delicious and adapting old favourites and comfort foods to be healthier. On this diet you can actually enjoy healthy versions of eggs Benedict, pizza, fish and chips, chicken curry, steak with pepper sauce, trifle and black forest cake!

While The Total LIFE Diet draws on delicious Mediterranean flavours from Greece, Italy, southern France, Spain, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey and all the countries of the Mediterranean, it is a globally-inspired diet that can be adapted to suit anyone living anywhere in the world and eating almost any cuisine. Whether you enjoy Nordic (Scandinavian), Australian, American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, British or Indian food, the Total LIFE Diet can be adapted to suit you!

All recipes are suitable for people who want to lose weight, have insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, heart disease and respiratory disease.

Here are some recipes from The Omega-3 Life Program, The Omega-3 Diet Revolution and The Total LIFE Diet. We hope you enjoy this feast of flavours from around the world.

Bon Appetit!

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