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The Total Life Diet 1 Copy

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The Total Life Diet 1 Copy


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The Total LIFE Diet is both a nutrition book and a cookbook, so you have two books in one!

The Total LIFE Diet is not a high carbohydrate diet. Nor is it a low carbohydrate diet. It is a moderate carbohydrate, higher protein, low-moderate fat diet, which is perfectly balanced to meet all your health and nutritional needs.

The beauty of this diet is the secret formula for carbohydrates that allows you to enjoy bread, pasta, pizza and even chocolate cake and still lose weight! And if you have diabetes, you will have optimum blood glucose control.

Here is a diet like no other. It combines the science of nutrition with the art of nutrition to give you a total program for life. It is all about healthy and tasty food that will keep you full and satisfied – and with a sprinkling of some omega-3 magic – this could be the perfect diet!

Yes – with this way of eating and living, you can boost your energy and vitality, combat inflammation, help prevent cancer, sharpen your mind, lower your blood cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce insulin resistance, help prevent diabetes and heart disease, lose weight and feel good!

The entire Total Life Diet program has been published in The Total LIFE Diet book and includes the following:

  • How to eat for optimum health and happiness
  • The secrets to eating delicious and filling food, and losing weight!
  • How to incorporate life-saving omega-3 fatty acids into your diet
  • The essential guide to carbohydrate counting & portion control – it’s not just for diabetes – it’s for everyone
  • Valuable advice on how to cut through all the confusion and read food labels when shopping
  • 80 fabulous meal plans for:
    • Gradual weight loss, rapid weight loss and weight maintenance
    • Omnivores, fish lovers’, meat lovers’ and vegetarians
    • People on a tight budget and those who are ultra-busy
    • Kids’, pregnant women and seniors’
    • Pre-diabetes and diabetes
    • Inflammatory conditions and cancer prevention
    • High cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Over 170 quick and easy, nutritious and delicious recipes from around the world

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The Total Life Diet – 1 copy

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