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Corporate Programs

The corporate programs have been developed to help organisations maximise productivity by empowering staff to become healthier and happier, reducing sick days, increasing energy levels, improving memory and mental acuity and helping people to feel good.

Your organisation has several choices within the corporate program:

  1. A Healthy Nutrition & Life Seminar

    This interesting and informative seminar runs for one hour and can include unlimited staff members. You can choose from topics such as the following:

    ‘Eating for Maximum Focus & Energy’; ‘Healthy Living for Busy People’, ‘Food for Your Heart, Brain, Body & Soul’ and ‘Eat Delicious Food & Lose Weight’.

    You can also choose a seminar topic from any other subject/theme listed under Speaking.

  2. A 2–part Group Program

    This practical and interactive corporate nutrition program can be conducted over two 1½ hour lunch breaks with up to 50 staff members at a time.

  3. A very comprehensive 6–part Group Program

    This exciting program is similar to the group program in the community described previously – and it can also be conducted during the lunch break with up to 30 staff members at a time.

  4. 15-minute individual consultations with all your staff

    After your staff fill out a basic health & nutrition questionnaire, a 15-minute individualized session* can be provided to unlimited staff members in small, medium and large companies.

    The programs are run in your own workplace and inter-state and overseas travel is possible.

    Sessions are relaxed, informal, practical and inter-active. FREE, up-to-date nutrition education material is provided.


    *Nutrition & Dietetic consults can be provided for all conditions listed under ‘Services’, but not for those with food allergies, anorexia nervosa, advanced kidney (renal) disease and people undergoing dialysis.

For detailed information about the programs and fees please contact The Total LIFE Diet Centre:

Tel: 02 9743 1898


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